Dental Bridges


Enhance Your Appearance

As the name suggests, a dental bridge serves to bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. This fixed tooth replacement option offered at Pendleton Family Dentistry is comprised of two crowns that are placed on teeth adjacent to the gap. These two anchoring teeth are referred to as abutment teeth. Permanently fused between the two abutment teeth are false teeth, referred to as pontics. The false teeth and supporting dental crowns comprising the bridge are custom made to look like your other natural teeth, allowing you to regain your original smile.   

Why do I need a dental bridge?

If you have lost one or more teeth because of trauma or periodontal disease, a dental bridge is a great way to restore your smile and improve the overall function of your mouth. Our expert dentist may recommend you have a dental bridge for the following reasons:

Preserving your natural teeth

When you lose teeth because of decay, infection, injury, or serious disease, it will have an adverse impact on your surrounding teeth. Missing teeth make the adjacent teeth weak and enable them to move or lose their position because of the open space created by the missing tooth. Pendleton Family Dentistry can help your teeth maintain their healthy position by providing you with a dental bridge. This can effectively help preserve your remaining natural teeth. Missing teeth also increase the burden on the adjacent teeth when chewing. A dental bridge can effectively share the burden of chewing. This will eventually help in the prevention of unwanted wear of your natural teeth and protect them from potential tooth damage.    

Enhancing your overall appearance

At Pendleton Family Dentistry, we make dental bridges that look, feel and perform just like your other natural teeth. They are a proven option to fill in the unpleasant gap between your teeth, so that your beautiful smile can be restored. Your dental bridges will be practically unnoticeable, improve your overall appearance, and boost your self-confidence.

Improved functionality

With missing or weak teeth, you are often forced to avoid eating your favorite foods. Those with missing or weak teeth tend to eat and chew inefficiently. For instance, many people eat only soft food or swallow food without proper chewing. This could have a negative impact on your overall health. Your dental bridge functions just like the rest of your natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy whatever you like to eat.

How do I care for my bridge?

You can conveniently maintain and take care of your dental bridge by brushing your teeth every day, flossing regularly, and using an antiseptic mouthwash. The durability of your dental bridge is dependent on the health of your natural teeth. It is important to visit us at Pendleton Family Dentistry for regular dental checkups so that we can help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and to increase the longevity of your dental bridge.

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