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If you are missing a tooth, dental implants are a great permanent tooth replacement option. They are surgically placed directly into your jaw and, once restored, will look just like a natural tooth. Implants are comprised of a titanium screw that heals into your jaw bone. Once completely integrated into your bone, a post and crown are used to restore implants into function. These restorations are incredibly durable and resistant to the forces of chewing and biting. There may come a time when you need implant restorations.

Why do I need an implant restoration?

Ideally, your implant should last for many years. Just like natural teeth, implants need to be regularly cleaned and monitored continually.  Although they are strong, implants are not indestructible. The dental crown which restores the implant can chip or crack, and the screw securing the post and crown into place may become loose over time. Additionally, bone loss can occur around dental implants, just like bone loss can occur around natural teeth. If you believe there is a problem with your implant, make an appointment to come see us as soon as possible.

How will my implant be restored?

Implant restorations vary depending on your dental care needs. For instance, if the crown of your implant has become chipped, cracked, or broken, we can simply replace the crown. If the issue with your implant is more deep-rooted and is affecting the screw, we may need to explore surgical options. Regardless of your needs, we can help to get your implant functioning properly again.

Implants can restored initially at Pendleton Family Dentistry with an abutment post and crown. We advise you to come see us for regular appointments and check-ups so that we can carefully monitor the status of your implant.

With over a 95% success rate, dental implants are a great option for permanent tooth replacement. If your implant becomes broken or damaged, or you are concerned about it in any way, make an appointment to come see us as soon as possible.


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