Partial Dentures


Smile with Confidence

Partial dentures, also known as partial false teeth, are specifically designed to fill in spaces created by one or more missing teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw. With this appliance, you will no longer have a reason to feel self-conscious about missing teeth. Partials allow you to smile with full confidence.

A removable partial denture is commonly made of fake teeth fixed on a pink or gum-colored acrylic base, which is connected to a metal framework to ensure rigidity and integrity. Metal clasps are utilized to connect to your natural teeth so the partial stays in place. Partials offer a natural-looking solution to teeth replacement in multiple areas of the mouth.

Why would I need partials?

If you have lost one or more teeth due to an injury, serious tooth decay, or periodontal disease, it is incredibly important that you seek a replacement option for your missing teeth. There are many unwanted side effects and threats to your oral health that come along with missing teeth. When your teeth are missing, your jawbone beneath begins to deteriorate. Additionally, your remaining teeth may begin to move, which can give them a crooked appearance and can negatively impact your bite. Missing teeth also make simple tasks like smiling, eating, and having a conversation difficult, if not impossible. Partial dentures can help to restore the function of your smile and help maintain your oral health.

Am I a good candidate for partials?

A good candidate for partials is an individual who has experienced substantial tooth loss. Partial dentures are usually recommended when you are missing more than one tooth. To further discuss the suitability of partial dentures as an effective solution for missing teeth, come see us for a consultation.

What are the advantages of partial dentures?

The first and foremost advantage of partial dentures is that they offer the most affordable solution with regard to replacement teeth. Creating partial dentures is a relatively simple procedure and does not require surgery of any kind.

How do I care for my partial dentures?

Make sure to place your partials in a denture cleanser soaking solution or plain water whenever you are not wearing them. Never allow your partial to dry out. When using plain water make sure it is room temperature. Water that is too hot or cold will damage the appliance. Partial dentures can also be cleaned under running water with a soft bristled toothbrush.

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