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Root canal treatment is a dental procedure conducted to relieve dental pain that is stemming from the dental nerve tissue, commonly referred to as pulp. When the dental pulp is infected, it because inflamed and painful.  Root canal therapy includes the removal of the nerve of a tooth, disinfection of the pulp chamber, and placing of filling material to seal the space. Root canal therapy allows the retention of the tooth structure, which can then be restored with a crown. The presence or absence of nerve tissue does not have an impact on the basic function of a tooth.

Why do I need root canal therapy?

When damage is caused to the nerve tissue of a tooth, it results in bacterial growth within the pulp chamber. This bacterial growth, along with other decayed debris, can lead to infection or the formation of pus-filled pockets at the tip of the tooth’s root. This requires root canal treatment to remove the infection and save the tooth from extreme decay or abscess. At Pendleton Family Dentistry, we will perform a root canal by removing the infected nerve tissue and disinfecting the area to rid it of bacteria.

What are the signs that I need a root canal treatment?

One of the common symptoms that you may need a root canal treatment is a bad toothache, although not every toothache means that you need a root canal treatment. Symptoms of an infection serious enough to require a root canal treatment may include:

What should I expect during a root canal treatment?

When having root canal treatment done by our team, the team at Pendleton Family Dentistry will first diagnose the severity of the infection. The initial step in the process is to take an x-ray to identify the signs of infection and view the formation of the root canals. To provide you with the most comfortable dental experience, we use local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the tooth. This helps you stay relaxed and at ease throughout the treatment. Decay will be removed, along with the nerve tissue which extends down into the roots of the tooth. The bacteria, the damaged nerve tissue, and the debris are removed out of the tooth. A series of root canal files with increasing diameters are subsequently inserted and are worked down the full depth of the tooth roots to thoroughly shape the sides of the root canals. During the cleaning process, sodium hypochlorite is intermittently used to flush away the debris. Once the infection is cleaned out of the tooth, it is effectively sealed.

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