Attractive and Functional Fillings

Getting a tooth filled is an incredibly common dental procedure. If you develop a cavity, a white filling can be used to save your tooth and stop the decay. Traditional (amalgam) silver fillings are very visible on teeth. White fillings look more natural with your smile and perform better overall. They include materials such as composite resins and porcelain that are color-matched to blend perfectly with your natural teeth. White fillings are composed of a silicon dioxide-filled, tooth-colored soft blend. They bond to your tooth, ensuring that its health and appearance are restored.

Why do I need white fillings?

White fillings are one of our recommended restorative dental care services. They involve repairing damage to your teeth caused by decay. To help prevent decay in the first place, we recommend that you see us for regular cleanings. At these appointments, we can detect and fix cavities in their early stages and stop decay from spreading.

Toothaches, sensitivity to certain temperatures, sweets, or pressure, as well as pain while biting, may all be symptoms of a cavity.

What are the benefits of white fillings?

In addition to the esthetic benefits of their natural blend, white fillings offer several advantages. They are durable and able to support and fortify the overall structure of your damaged tooth. White fillings effectively prevent your decayed and damaged tooth from any further damage. They also insulate the teeth against sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. As compared to traditional amalgam fillings, white fillings are a lifelong solution that can last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. White fillings serve as a preventive measure against tooth decay and subsequent cavities. They can save you from needing a root canal or tooth extraction.

At Pendleton Family Dentistry, we make sure to recommend the best dental care services to our patients to maintain optimal oral health and deliver the best outcomes. White fillings empower us to restore your damaged tooth without forcing you to make any compromises on your appearance and the way you smile. For expert advice and to know more about white fillings and their advantages, call us at Pendleton Family Dentistry today.  

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